Body Care


    Arch Support

    Flexible Capezio Arch for Extra Support Versatility knows no bounds in the Arch. This flexible silicone band can be worn barefoot or in combination with a Capezio® Extend seamless soft ballet shoe, pointe shoe or another split sole shoe of your...

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  • FlexiFoot Arch Stretcher

    FlexiFoot Arch Stretcher  FlexiFoot Arch Stretcher is designed for athletes that want to improve their foot flexibility. In order to attain a deep toe point, you have to stretch the top portion of your foot. FlexiFoot makes it easy by doing the...


    Footsie Roller

    Footsie Roller Relieves Tension Under Foot Arches Relieve tension in your feet after back-to-back studio time with the Footsie Roller. This roller relieves tension under foot arches, helps smooth knots and soothes tired feet. Made of wood and silicone...

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  • Go Limber

    GO LIMBER Simplify stretching with a one-handed swivel grip! Go Limber is a unique and convenient stretch system that helps you target specific areas to stretch, and the degree of resistance you require. Through the use of a grip handle, you have...

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  • Muscle Roller Stick

    MUSCLE ROLLER Provides relief from sore muscles when and where you need it most, including Feet, Quads, Calfs, Lower and Upper Back, Neck, Knee, Hamstrings, Delts, and Shoulders. Made from high-quality industrial strength materials and built to...

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  • Pointe Builder

    Pointe Builder is a point resistance system that teaches you to keep your foot in a deep point during your routine. Pointe Builder will fore you to work harder at pointing your toes during practice. It will train your foot to make a deeper point. Then,...

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  • Spiky Ball

    THERAPY MASSAGE SPIKY BALL THE SPIKY BALL SET = One Large (3-1/2”) for a Firm Massage and… One Small (2-1/2”) for a Soft Massage  Provides relief for sore muscles when and where you need it most, including Feet, Quads, Calfs,...

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    SPIN BOARD® Pirouette Spin Trainer Training tool for Dancers and Ice Skaters. Promotes proper body and arm position during pirouettes and spins. Allows for multiple revolution head spotting practice. Superior construction made with industrial...

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  • Spring Pink


    SuperiorArch® Professional Foot Stretcher. A custom designed incline curve is built into the select wood base for bottom of foot arch support. This also allows room for the heel to properly rotate down avoiding impingement of the heel bones...

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  • SuperiorBand

    A universal stretching and strengthening system. The SuperiorBand® (Green) is the Dry Natural Rubber (DNR) Elastic Stretch Loop Band with Micro-Ridge Anti-Slip Technology used by thousands of students and professionals involved in...

  • SuperiorBand Ultra

    A universal stretching and strengthening system. The SuperiorBand® Ultra (Pink) is the traditional Natural Latex Rubber (NLR) Elastic Stretch Loop Band, a thicker and smoother band, used by thousands of students and professionals...

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    Therma Wrap

    Bunheads® Therma Wrap Reusable Hot & Cold Compress Bunheads® Therma Wrap is a reusable hot and cold compress that can be used on the arm, wrist or foot. Instructions for cold compress: Chill gel pack for 2 hours in refrigerator or freezer...

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